Bow Water & Land (BW&L) is a land development project of Durum Capital Inc. The land holdings of BW&L are comprised of 298.5 acres in two quarter sections, which front on the Trans-Canada highway approximately 6.5 kilometres west of the City of Calgary and immediately to the west of Calaway Park. The lands are currently un-serviced and are being used for agricultural purposes. The site size, profile and proximity to the City of Calgary and particularly to the Stoney Trail Ring Road, position the property as potentially suitable for commercial uses of regional significance and attraction.

Due to its strong regional profile, Springbank has been the focus of much residential and commercial development interest over the past decade.


The community of Harmony, located north of BW&L and adjacent to the Springbank Airport, is a new mixed-use comprehensive development that will include low to medium density housing (3,500 units), a community village, golf course, and business campus of light industrial/office uses. Homes within the first phase of development became available at the end of 2016, and the area is expected to take about 15 years to build out.

The Rocky View County (RVC) Plan (2013) emphasizes the importance of commercial and industrial development as a means to provide services and employment to local residents and contribute to the vitality of specified development areas. This strategic diversification will serve to strengthen the tax base and offset the long-term costs of infrastructure associated with low-density residential communities found throughout RVC.

Commercial development, as well as institutional and community amenities, are concentrated along Range Road 33, and commercial and business uses continue to evolve near the intersection of Highway 1 and Range Road 33. At present, this intersection is home to Calaway Park and Springbank Commercial Court, which is mainly made up of industrial commercial uses. RVC recently approved the development of Bingham Crossing, located on the north side of Highway 1, which is slated to include a 270,000 square foot pedestrian-oriented shopping and lifestyle centre with adjacent senior’s housing. Timing for construction of this development is unknown.

A total of four schools are also found in this area of Springbank, including Edge School for Athletes on the north side of Highway 1. The portion of Range Road 33 south of the highway is home to two schools, a community centre, and outdoor recreation uses at Springbank Park for All Seasons.

Like the City of Calgary, RVC has experienced significant population growth in recent years and Springbank is expected to grow as subsequent phases of the Harmony development are completed.

BW&L believes that the strategic and sustainable development of its lands has the potential to significantly enhance the existing, and growing, regional community of Springbank. The unique features of the lands, including the scale and location, provide an opportunity to create a destination of complimentary uses that will serve the community while attracting investment to the Springbank area.


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